New Hampshire's natural landscape provides the foundation for many of our activities, activities that drive the state's economy.

Nearly five million acres of forest land sustain a thriving forest products industry.

New Hampshire's parks, beaches, historic sites, and ski mountains provide endless recreation opportunities; and the state's tourism industry offers a wide array of dining, lodging, cultural and entertainment options!

This quality of life, combined with the business-friendly and tax advantageous environment we have worked hard to create, also makes the state attractive to business growth and expansion.

The 4 divisions consist of Forest and Lands, Parks and Recreation, Travel and Tourism Development, and Economic Development.

  • Division of Parks & Recreation

    The mission of the Office of Recreation and Resource Services — www.nhstateparks.org — is to protect and preserve recreation, historic, scenic and natural areas of the state, to continually provide such additional park areas and facilities, to make these accessible to the public for recreational, educational, scientific and other uses consistent with their protection and preservation, and to encourage and support tourism and related economic activities within the state.

    The Division consists of three offices: the Bureau of Parks, the Bureau of Trails and the Office of Recreation Services.

  • Division of Travel & Tourism Development

    The mission of the Division of Travel and Tourism Development — www.visitnh.gov — is to develop and promote New Hampshire as a domestic and international travel destination and preferred location in order to increase visitation, expenditures, business activity and employment throughout the state.

    The marketing strategy to achieve these goals includes advertising and promotion, publicity and public relations, traveler counseling and the fulfillment of inquiries, publication and distribution of literature, internet marketing through www.visitnh.gov, trade marketing, research, the management of the State's Joint Promotional Program, and support for businesses/organizations which operate in the travel and tourism industry

  • Division of Economic Development

    The Division of Economic Development — www.nheconomy.com — is comprised of two working offices, the Office of New Hampshire Business Resource Center and the Office of International Commerce — www.globalnh.com.

    The mission of the Office of Business and Industrial Development is to expand opportunities in New Hampshire through the attraction of new businesses and the expansion of existing businesses.

    The Office Of International Commerce seeks to promote New Hampshire products and businesses to overseas markets.

  • Division of Forests & Lands

    As stewards of New Hampshire's forests and related resources, the Division of Forests & Lands — www.nhdfl.org — protects and promotes the values provided by trees and forests.

    This mission is accomplished through responsible management of the state's forested resources; by providing forest resource information and education to the public; and the protection of these resources for the continuing benefit of the state's citizens, visitors and forest industry.

    The Division consists of six units: the Forest Management Bureau, the Land Management Bureau, the Forest Protection Bureau, the Community Forestry and Stewardship Bureau, the Natural Heritage Bureau, and Cooperative Forestry Programs through an agreement with UNH Cooperative Extension.